Mag One Announces Market Awareness Agreement for Europe and an Independent Analyst Report

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Mag One Announces Market Awareness Agreement for Europe and an Independent Analyst Report

MAG ONE PRODUCTS INC. (“Mag One” or the “Company”) has entered into a marketing awareness agreement with Absolute Innovation Ltd., (“Absolute”) a private U.K. company Specialising in Global marketing solutions, which will provide the Company with various distribution channels and so, be able to present Mag One’s key fundamentals to a new
market. In this way, Absolute will be increasing Mag One’s visibility to a wider audience in Europe thus introducing potential new shareholders to the Company. Mag One is listed on the Frankfurt Börse with the symbol “304”.
Absolute has been retained for its services and expects to initiate its marketing efforts immediately, in order to expose Mag One and its 99.9% wt. pure magnesium (“Mg”) ingots, related compounds and byproducts and the new magboards to potential investors in Germany and Europe. Mag One intends to sell its products worldwide. In fact, it is the Company’s goal to produce magnesium at a cost lower than any current competitors’ price and moreover, close to or lower than the cost of producing aluminium.
Again, it is useful to repeat the reasons why Mag One’s ultimate target sale price for its Mg is targeted to be considerably less than competitors’: the low Canadian dollar, cheapest power costs in North America, effectively ‘free’ Mg ore that adjoins the initial plant with much available labour force and a serviced site adjacent the tailings. The latter reasons help, but the main reasons are the game-changing patented technology coupled with a minimum CAPEX/OPEX modular plant structure.
On April 18th, eResearch posted a 33-page “Initiating Report” on the Company, written by an independent analyst, Mr. Bob Weir. It can be viewed on Mag One’s website in the Investors section.

“Nelson M. Skalbania

Mag One Products Inc. is  a company that aims to be the diamond standard in the magnesium(Mg) market by concentrating on four projects at its manufacturing plant site in southern Québec, Canada.


  1. Production of high-purity MgO, Silica and other saleable co-products, byproducts andcompounds.
  1. Production of 99.9% pure Mg ingots.
  2. Assembly and sale of magnesium oxide-based structural insulated sheathing panels.
  1. MagPower’s Mg-Air Fuel Cell for emergency power on sea and land.

Key advantages that these four projects share are Mag One’s advanced technologies, a modular processing plant expansion concept, and the Company’s easy access to tonnes of serpentinite tailings.

Signed: “Nelson M. Skalbania.”

CEO & Chairman

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