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MAG ONE PRODUCTS INC. (“Mag One,” or the “Company”), advises that it will be conducting a
non-brokered private placement offering of up to Five Million Dollars (CAD$5,000,000.), (the “Offering”), by the issuance of Convertible Debentures of the Company (each a “Convertible Debenture”).

There are 100 units available in the Offering, with a minimum tranche of $50,000. The term of each Convertible Debenture matures three (3) years from the date of issuance, carries an interest rate of eight percent (8%) per annum, (interest paid annually, in advance) and is convertible to common shares of the Company at a conversion price of $0.50 per common share, (or at market price, whichever is less, subject to exchange approval.) Maturity is subject to an accelerated maturity of 30 days in the event the Company’s common shares trade at $1.00 or more for ten consecutive trading days.

The Company confirms that its previously announced non-brokered private placement for the sale of units (at $0.20 each), comprised of one common share and one full common share purchase warrant, exercisable at $0.50 per warrant share for a period of one (1) year from Closing, is ongoing.

The proceeds of the Offerings will be used for the Company’s Stage II MgO Pilot Plant, the Pilot Plant to produce
Mg Metal and working capital purposes.

“Nelson M. Skalbania, B.Ap.Sc., M.Sc., P.Eng.”,
Chief Executive Officer

Mag One Products Inc. is a company that aims to be a global leader in the magnesium (Mg) market by concentrating on four projects at its sites in southern Quebec, Canada:

I. Production of high-purity MgO (precursor for Mg metal and other uses) and Silica for use in the cement industry.
II. Production of 99.9% pure Mg metal for increase in demand in the automotive and aerospace industries.
III. Magboard Products Inc., assembly and sale of MgO-based, sheathing panels and wallboards for construction.
IV. MagPower’s Mg-Air Fuel Cell for scalable emergency power on sea and land (lifeboats, miners, etc.)
Key advantages that these four projects share are Mag One’s advanced technologies, a modular processing plant expansion concept, and the Company’s easy access to tonnes of serpentinite tailings.


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